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GCA Medal Recipients: Florens DeBevoise Medal

2024 Rick Darke

For his outstanding work as a horticulture expert, garden storyteller, and educator

2021 Amy Goldman Fowler, PhD

Through purposeful philanthropy, award-winning books, and leadership in seed saving, she has taught us to cherish heirloom fruits and vegetables thereby preserving the planet’s biodiversity. 

2020 John Gaston Fairey

In recognition of his long-standing devotion to preserving endangered plant species from Texas and Mexico which has expanded the knowledge of the horticultural world.

1996 Dr. Edwin H. Ketchledge

Presented to Dr. Edwin H. Ketchledge, for his work in studying and protecting alpine plants surviving these past 12,000 years in the open alpine zone atop the highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. 

1994 Panayoti Kelaidis

Presented to Panayoti Kelaidis, avid plant explorer and collector, who generously shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for little known arid region species through writings and lectures.

1992 Francis Cabot

For his many contributions to enhancing awareness and knowedge of alpine and rock garden plants and for forcefully communicating the significance of plants to the well being of the planet.

1990 James E. Cross

For his work as a propagator and grower of the choicest plant material with emphasis on small plants particularly suitable for rock gardens.  Of special note is his generosity in offering both plant material and expert advice to various gardening organizations and individuals.

1988 Frederick W. Case, Jr.

For his remarkable achievement as a botanist, horticulturist, author and teacher; for his generosity in sharing his private garden and greenhouse, where he nurtures and makes available for educational use his collection of rare plants and alpines.

1983 Richard Colburn Butler

For his outstanding and continuing contribution in the fields of hybridizing, collecting and sharing.  His knowledge and enthusiasm have been a never ending source of encouragement and help to gardeners.

1982 Mrs. Goethe Link

For her dedicated study of daffodils, including difficult miniatures, and for generously sharing her knowledge and her spectacular daffodil garden.

1980 Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Smith

In recognition of their painstaking work in hybridizing and documenting dwarf evergreens and shrubs at their Watnong Nursery.

1978 Eugene E. Cline

For his valuable role in promoting the knowledge and use of the varied native flora of the Southeast.

1977 Edmond Lohbrunner

For his unique horticultural achievement in collecting, progagating and distributing countless plants, many of which are not commonly known in the Northwest.

1974 Mrs. Lionel Richardson

For her brilliant and internationally famous achievement in breeding and hybridizing daffodils.

1973 W. W. Goodale Moir

Collector-propagator of Orchidaceae of international eminence; participant in the creation of the Pacific Tropical Botanical Gardens; nationally recognized horticulturist, respected author, revered lecturer.

1971 Leonard J. Buck

For creating at "Allwood" in Far Hills, NJ, a superb rock garden, featuring an extensive collection of alpine plants, and for beautifully maintaining the adjacent woodland, lake and meadow, all of which he generously shares with others.

1964 Mrs. Alfred C. U. Berry

For her remarkable knowledge of alpine plants, primulas and rhododendrons; her fearlessness and success in growing the most difficult subjects.

1962 H. Lincoln Foster

Eminent hybridizer who has developed a number of unusual hybrids suited to rock gardens.  Lecturer and writer.

1961 David H. Hall

Internationally known as a hybridizer of iris and hemerocallis.

1960 Mrs. J. Norman Henry

Horticulturist, botanist and lecturer.  Won international acclaim for work in the hybridization of amaryllis and rhododendrons.

1956 Edward Owen Orpet

For adding richness to the horticultural field through hybridization.

1954 Dr. Ezra Jacob Kraus

For excellence in hybridization of chrysanthemums and other ornamentals.