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The Keller Scholarship in Conservation Horticulture

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Category: Horticulture & Related Fields

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Application deadline: January 15


To promote plant conservation capacity and coordination among botanic gardens, and/or public gardens, in the United States through programs of Botanic Gardens Conservation International-US (BGCI-US) in collaboration with The Garden Club of America (GCA).

Level of Education

Open to a current undergraduate sophomore, junior, or senior with a declared major in biology, horticulture, or related fields. Preference is given to students with interest in plant conservation and botanic gardens.


Eligibility is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are enrolled in a U.S.-based institution. Due to IRS restrictions, GCA is unable to fund awards for international applicants.


Funds at least one scholarship, up to $5,000, to an undergraduate student currently enrolled in a university program to study conservation horticulture. The scholar will pursue experiential learning, with access to BGCI-US programs and resources, at a recognized botanic garden or other closely aligned public garden in the United States. They will have the option to study plant conservation based at the BGCI-US office at The Huntington Library in San Marino, CA or a mutually agreed BGCI member botanic garden in the U.S. This scholarship is intended to be a summer fellowship, but is not restricted to that time period, as determined by the BGCI-US.


Members of the GCA’s Scholarship Committee will manage the selection process in collaboration with representatives of BGCI-US and professionals knowledgeable in plant conservation, who will sit on the selection committee.


This GCA scholarship was established in 2020 by Kathy Keller (Akron Garden Club, Zone X) and her husband, David, to encourage the study of plant conservation principles and major threats to plant diversity. Botanic gardens contribute valuable knowledge, plants, expertise, and messaging necessary for the preservation of plant diversity.  Botanic Gardens Conservation International-US (BGCI-US) connects plant conservation information, best practices and interests across North America and the global botanic garden community. The Kellers envision that scholars will participate in one of the BGCI-US programs to broaden their knowledge and research in the field of conservation horticulture.  

To Apply

See application and information. Applications must be submitted electronically or sent by mail to be received at GCA Headquarters in New York City by January 15. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE GCA SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP OR AWARD MAY BE APPLIED FOR ANNUALLY.


The Keller Scholarship in Conservation Horticulture


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